Luke and Lindie_DSC4143Luke and Lindie_DSC4143 Almost two weeks have passed since I gave a big hug and said goodbye to Pall in Reykjavik, and I am still touched by the wonderful memory reflected from the photos we took in Iceland. I was trying to design a self-drive tour long time ago to Iceland, the dream place of any landscape photographer. While, during my research of many different options, I noticed that it could be a bit too challenging for me to drive (by myself) several hundreds of kilometers (and some of them are rough roads) everyday, meanwhile try to find those best places, and setup my tripod and camera gear to take photos still with full energy. 

I then changed my mind and started to look for photography tours which allow me to enjoy the photo taking itself, rather than have to worry about exploring and driving all the days. I finally chose Pall Jökull not only because I like the style of his photos, but also his schedule perfectly fitted mine.

I have to say that I was lucky to choose Pall as our guide. He is a very considerable person. He is not very talkative, while he is very knowledgeable about Iceland and willing to give us the information which could be of interest to us. His communication is always clear, even to us as non-native English speakers. The route and schedule designed by Pall is very professional. We were able to see most of those magnificent landscape at the right timing, which is very good for photography. Pall never interferes with us when setting up the gear and taking the photos, while he was always willing to help if we have questions or ask advice from him. Pall was so kind that he even lent his long 150-600mm Sigma lens to me once when he identified that my 70-200 could not reach the puffins.

It was a fantastic journey! We even saw the Northern Lights (and it was very strong), which was beyond my expectation. Thanks Pall for going out several times at night and checking the possibility of seeing the Northern Lights, and trying to wake up us to catch the amazing moment. I would definitely recommend Pall to my friends who like photography and want to see all the aspects about the stunning nature of Iceland!

Thanks Pall for organizing us such a wonderful trip!
Luke from Beijing, China.

Gene and LorraineGene and LorraineStanding under their first Northern lights. We are still in awe after a five-day tour of Iceland. Despite the freezing temperatures, the places we visited were amazingly beautiful and the people we have encountered were kind and eager to share their heritage. 

I have put so much time in planning an itinerary that would meet our special needs. Pall Jokull of LPI was top on our list after seeing his work online and with the positive testimonials written about him. His promptness in replying to my emails set him apart from the other companies I have inquired into. Luckily, we were able to see him in person before our trip as he was in Manassas, Virginia for a photo exhibit. 

Our tour was a private one with Pall picking us up from our hotel in Reykjavik. We were impressed with his Nissan pathfinder as it was quite clean and organized, with new snow tires too! Day one was a photo shoot at one of the smaller waterfalls in Sudurland. It was our first experience with a professional photographer, and being novices, we were not well prepared. Pall put us at ease with his friendly demeanor and gave us the basics while observing and giving us pointers along the way. There was so much to see and learn on our journey to Vik, thanks to Pall and his insights. There was never a dull moment on this journey to South Iceland’s vast landscape that was covered with snow. 

Pall knew the best spots to shoot that perfect photo and the perfect time of day so he planned our trip around the limited daylight hours. One of the positive features of a private tour is that we never felt rushed and the whole 3 days was a very pleasant at your own pace journey. Pall made sure we were comfortable and safe at all times and we do appreciate that very much. He knew our challenges and graciously obliged with that. One of the special times of our trip are the photographs he took of us, some were candid and the “jump shots” as if we felt like kids in a never-ending playground. Those photos are the best testimony on how wonderful our tour was with Pall. Without his guidance, we would have to rely on luck to shoot a wonderful photo. At the end of the day, he would review the photos we took and offered suggestions on camera settings to composition. We have learned so much from having Pall as our guide and photography teacher. 

Lorraine & Gene of Fairfax, Virginia

Ceasar, Stephen and Ernie.Ceasar, Stephen and Ernie.Ceasar, Stephen and Ernie. Three friends, all photographers from Virginia, USA, completed an extraordinary ten-day tour of Iceland led by Pall Jokull Petursson. We found Pall from an interview with him in a photography magazine, which included some of his Iceland landscape images and mentioned that he leads photography tours. We contacted him by email to inquire about visiting Iceland to photograph landscapes and wildlife. We made all of the arrangements for the ten-day photography tour by email, and hoped for the best. We were confident that Pall was capable of providing the tour since he is Icelandic and a very talented professional landscape photographer.

Pall far exceeded all of our expectations and without a single mishap. He developed a well-planned itinerary that included Iceland’s iconic locations and also included many incredible places that only a native landscape photographer would know. Pall’s itinerary included excellent guesthouses and hotels and many good restaurants and other places to eat.

Pall drove us around the island on Ring Road in his four-wheel drive SUV, making many side trips on both paved, gravel, sand, and rocky roads to see and photograph glaciers, lava flows, lakes, cliffs, many waterfalls, rapids, beaches, mountains, etc. As we traveled around the island, Pall shared his experiences and knowledge of Iceland, its history of both the people and fascinating geology, as well as providing lens recommendations and photography techniques and tips. Pall clearly aimed to ensure our trip was a success regardless of the weather by using his knowledge of the island and seeking alternative locations to avoid the inevitable rain and constantly changing weather conditions. It paid off being with someone who shared our passion for photography.

Pall has a friendly and pleasant personality, and after spending ten days with him, we got to know him well enough that we consider him our friend. He is a friend that we will stay in touch with and plan to see again when we return to Iceland. If you are a nature photographer or just someone who loves nature, we highly recommend visiting Iceland and hiring Pall Jokull Petursson to be your guide. You will not be disappointed.

Ceasar Sharper, www.csharperphotography.com
Stephen Tabone, www.stabone.com
Ernie Sears, www.protectedplacesmedia.com


For my first photographic Iceland encounter I decided to seek the services of a local Icelandic photographer and guide. I couldn't have made a better choice that Páll Jökull Pétursson and Landscape photography Iceland.

Iceland is bigger that you think and it's list of mind blowing locations needs some thought and planning. We circumnavigated the island and Páll's knowledge of locations known and not so well known gave me a portfolio of wonderful images that kept me busy for weeks. Whether you are an amateur  or working professional photographer ( as I am ) the benefits of hiring someone "in the know" with local knowledge is a very wise investment indeed. Save time, avoid making mistakes and pack in more quality time on location with someone who knows there own back yard and the wonders of this amazing country. Páll is fun, friendly experienced and humorous and I couldn't recommend his services highly enough.

Glen Campbell - AIPP Master of Photography, Scotland

Me and my mother went to Iceland in late October 2013 and had a full tour of the Ring Road with Páll Jökull Pétursson. We couldn't have asked for more. 

Páll is a responsible driver that made us feel safe at all times, and a very knowledgeable person. Every day he would explain me and my mother the route we were about to take, telling us many useful information about the places and what to expect. You can tell he's been driving around Iceland many times before. Experience is priceless when it comes to difficult driving conditions such as the ones we had to face (blizzards, heavy snow, icy roads and extreme winds). 

The icing on the cake is that Páll is also a great, very well known photographer and I am a photographer and a blogger, writing about my travels around the world. Not only I had a great trip, but I also learned a lot thanks to him! 

Should we go back to Iceland, we won't hesitate contacting Páll Jökull Pétursson again, and we definitely recommend his impeccable service to everyone.

Giulia Cimarosti - Photographer and blogger at Travelreportage.com


Iceland has so many fantastic photographic locations; it's a beautiful country. I was lucky enough to go there in June 2013 on a photography trip and the best decision that me and my companions made was to hire the services of Páll Jökull Pétursson of Landscape Photography Iceland.

Páll is very knowledgeable about his country and provided great company on the trip. It was obvious that Páll has a genuine passion for photography himself and as a local, great knowledge of his home country. This really increased our enjoyment and experience of Iceland. He drove us around safely, courteously and with no rush.

Our experience could not have been better and if it wasn't for Páll, we'd probably still be Lost In Iceland. Thank you Páll.

Andrew Aitken, Renewable Energies & Photography, Scotland & Australia



Seeing the Northern Lights was on our bucket list for years. We chose Iceland due to it pretty much being the center of the lights. We researched tours and happened upon Páll on Facebook. Viewing his pictures on his social media sold us that he should be our guide - and was that ever the right decision! Páll ensured that conditions were favorable and repeatedly checked his sources for activity. We were lucky and the lights came out for us that evening. What an adventure we had - and to make it even more memorable Páll took a beautiful picture of us with the lights in their glory behind us. If you are considering seeing the lights, this is the way to go...no crowded bus with over zealous tourists. We would highly recommend Páll for any type of tour - his knowledge of photography and the history of Iceland will have you wanting to visit Iceland again and again and again!

Kerry and Jerry Haygood