I am Icelandic, a landscape photographer and a Photo guide in Iceland. My favourite photography is landscape and seascape. My cameras now are the SONY A7r3 and A7S3 full frame. Before the Canon EOS 6d, the Canon EOS 5D MKII and the older classic version Canon EOS 5D.

If you need something special on your wall, a specific style or place, just ask.

I am available for photography tours in Iceland, wether you are amateur or professional, all photography tours are customised to meet your specific needs. Here you can read the terms and conditions for a photo tour or workshop.

If I can be of assistance in any other way, please send me e-mail, pall (at) palljokull.com.


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My Great-Grandfather, the Explorer

In the summer of 1875 my Great grandfather Páll Pálsson traveled across the Vatnajökull glacier as a guide in an expedition with William Lord Watts, an English geologist and an adventurer and five other Icelanders. The expedition started from the farm Núpsstaður in the summer of 1875, and the distance of more than 60 km was covered in 12 days, walking up the glacier Síðujökull and going down north of Dyngjujökull near Kistufell. Páll with Watts and two others from the same district had discovered a nunatak in the glacier the year before. Watts named the nunatak Pálsfjall (Pauls-Mountain) after his fellow member of the expedition, who was allways called "Páll Jökull" (Glacier-Paul) after that. I am proud to bear his name as we are both tour-guides.

Here you can download the three books that William Lord Watts wrote about his journeys to Iceland: